How do you become a Celebrity PA?

Written by: Bain and Gray
Published on: 4 Apr 2016

At Bain and Gray, many of our clients fall into the “celebrity bracket”.  Many of them approach us as they wish to remain anonymous and have a discreet and confidential recruitment search conducted for them.  Many celebrities like to employ PAs that have worked for a similar name or person as it gives them comfort to know these PAs know how to behave around famous individuals.  
The question is how do you become a Celebrity PA? There is not one given answer for this but from our experience to date, much of it is networking, ensuring you are registered with the right recruitment agencies and speaking to the right people.  It is unusual for a junior PA to be considered for some very heavy weight travelling private PA role.  You usually need a background of at least three years in a PA role, whether it be corporate or media but have reached director level and have become accustomed to doing private duties for your Boss.  

One PA who works for a global Celebrity Chef said “It's not about being a 'celebrity PA', it's about being fantastic at what you do. The core skills always remain the same.  Strong logistics and diary management, forward planning, having an exceptional eye for detail and being unflappable.  These skills are so transferable, the only thing that makes you a 'celebrity PA' is getting a job working for one.” 
Salaries range from £35,000 to £80,000 varying on how involved you are with your Boss and their life.  To reach the top end, you almost give away your life, travelling and giving up weekends, being on call 24/7.  Another PA who works for a Renowned Film Director said she frequently gets calls on her iPhone at 1am to sort a problem. It’s all part of her role.  She says “discretion and flexibility” are paramount for anyone who wants to be the best private PA .

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