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Published on: 5 Apr 2019

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When applying for new PA, EA and Office Support Professional jobs, your greatest asset is a professional, keyword optimised CV that is tailored to directly target each role you apply for.

Once in front of a recruiter or hiring manager, your CV has precious little time to convince and impress so you must make every word count.

If you have been applying for new office support roles and are struggling to make any progress towards interview, it may be time to get a professional review of your CV.

In partnership with TopCV, we are currently offering our audience a professional CV review – entirely free of charge.

With an international team of over 300 professional CV writers and specialism in more than 65 industries, TopCV are one of the largest and most successful CV writing and review companies in the world, making them best placed to assess your CV.

TopCV will provide you with advice and improvement suggestions for the contents, structure and presentation of your CV.

According to research by TopCV, a professionally reviewed CV can increase your chances of being invited to interview by 31% and up the likelihood of receiving a job offer 40%. Additionally, your chance of getting headhunted can increase by 38%.

Get your free CV review today.