Download the SecsintheCity 2022 Salary Survey Report today

Published on: 6 Jul 2022

How did the past year affect the salaries and the way in which responsibilities evolved for Business Support professionals during the past year. Download the SecsintheCity 2022 Salary Survey Report today to find out.

SITC Salary Survey 2022

In early 2022, we invited more than 1,000 EAs, PAs and business support executives to share the finer points of their professional lives. Our audience shone a light on salaries, bonuses and benefits – and the real picture of post-pandemic employment, the details of which have informed our 2022 Salary Survey Report.

This year’s survey responses revealed the wide range of professionals using SecsintheCity, from Executive and Personal Assistants to Administrators, Secretaries and Office Managers. The results show a fresh start after two years of furlough, pay freezes and flagging job security.

Most business support professionals are now confidently back to work, enjoying healthier wages, bonuses and benefits packages:

  • 44% of our survey respondents received a pay rise in 2022
  • 54% of respondents received a bonus
  • Private PAs edged out EAs to top with average salaries of £50,536, an 11% annual increase.
  • 49% of our audience now work for multiple managers – and take home around £6,000 less than the 22% who support a single exec

As we see the recovery of the industry, this year’s Salary Survey report also explores that despite evolving employee priorities, just 14% of respondents have hybrid working options and only 1% can access childcare benefits.

Download your own copy of our Salary Survey Report to discover more statistics and stories from an unprecedented year for the Business Support profession.

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