"Don’t give up the job search over Christmas" says Aspira

Written by: Ellen Shearman
Published on: 4 Dec 2012


Ellen is a consultant at Aspira Consulting, specialist recruiters of executive support staff within the investment sector in London. We believe that whatever your specialisation or level, your career move requires an in-depth understanding of what you do, plus informed advice and access to the widest range of opportunities around.


Professionals often tend to slow down their job search in the run up to the holidays on the assumption that no one is hiring over this period. Don't be one of them! As a leading recruiter hiring on behalf of large corporates and SMEs in the investment sector and we are still recruiting. With many taking a break from their job search in this pre holiday period, this is your chance to get ahead of the game.

There are many companies hiring in December, and this will increase further once the New Year has been rung in because January and February are statistically the biggest months for hiring. Rather than waiting until January and then trying to prepare, there are many things you can do over the holiday period to improve your chances of finding that perfect job. 

Take advantage of down time

  • Use the spare time to re-work your CV and make sure it sells you effectively.
  • If employers aren’t so busy in December they may be more receptive to speculative emails and to social networking requests.
  • Research what sort of companies you want to target in January, find out all you can about their company culture and what they look for in employees through their website and past job adverts. If you can show a genuine interest and knowledge of a company the recruiter will take notice.


  • Christmas is a great time for networking and meeting new people. Use Christmas parties to reconnect with people and make contacts.
  • You don’t have to restrict your job search to your professional network, make sure everyone knows you are looking for a new job. The more people who know you are looking, the more chance you have of hearing about opportunities.
  • Send Christmas cards with your business card enclosed to past connections and recruiters you have worked with to ensure you are fresh in their mind when they begin hiring.

Improve your social media presence

  • Use social networking sites to get yourself noticed and improve your online presence to give yourself the best chance of getting headhunted.
  • SecsintheCity have recognised the trend in social media recruiting and now allow recruiters to prioritise job seekers who have a social media profile, make sure you are top of the list.
  • Complete your LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already. Include a professional picture, up to date skills and experience and make sure it is clear you are open to opportunities. Connect with decision makers in companies you would like to work for. Join groups that are relevant to your field and contribute to discussions
  • Twitter is one of the fastest growing resources for job seekers and recruiters. Make sure your profile includes your skills and what job you are looking for.
  • Follow industry leaders, recruiters and other people in your field to give yourself a professional image and show your interest.


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