Communicator's top tips for saving time with email and social

Published on: 21 Sep 2016

Checking our email and social media profiles is like autopilot – we check our phones on the go, at the bus stop, commuting to work as well as during working hours.

An astonishing 51% of us even spend more time checking our inboxes in the morning than taking care of our appearance or eating breakfast! (Bank of America, 2015).

The following tips will help you use email and social media effectively in your day to day routine, ensuring you stay up-to-date and on top of your workload.

Schedule time in your diary

We've all from time-to-time went to check our phones briefly, only to then end up spending hours replying to emails that may not have been a high priority, or scroll through our endless Twitter feeds.

To improve email and social productivity, schedule time each day to check your emails (around 3 times a day) and use search criteria on your social channels to filter information that's relevant to you and your industry.

Integrate social media into your email signature

Spread the word about your social channels using your email signature. Adding the social channels you use on a regular basis will mean people can connect with you in whatever way they prefer and will help you to expand your relationships other than your email conversations, building your awareness online.

Include a "click to tweet" in your email

Make news you're emailing easy to share with other readers by adding a click to tweet link. This is an easy way to promote and expand your news to social media with a simple click!

Simply, share the link in your email and you can track the activity of each link over time to see what people have clicked on the most.

Use filters to strip out irrelevant content

There may be some emails in your inbox that might not be a high priority or relevant to you – this also applies to your social timeline. Filtering your emails automatically will help you focus on the messages that really matter.

For social, you can use the search bar to look out for keywords or relevant hashtags to you. Twitter's article will help you understand how in-depth you can search for content in your industry.

Manage email alerts and social notifications

You can become easily distracted when you receive an email or social notification about every follow, comment and like you may receive on your social channels. Keep your inbox tidy by editing the notification settings that are relevant for you.

Keeping private messages enabled may come in useful so you're able to quickly respond. *Quick Tip* - Stay one step ahead in the news using Google Alerts. Using Google's alert tool will monitor and send you interesting content based on your selection straight to your inbox.

This will save you time scrolling through many news and articles, sharing this information as soon as it's released!

Organise your contacts using social lists

Creating a Twitter list is a great way to stream tweets that you've only created based on the profiles that you've added. Lists can come in handy to view tweets from influencers, employees, event attendees or resources that can help you in your day-to-day role, saving you time search through the streams of content online.

The same goes for email, saving regular contacts in your address book to make it easier for when you need to get in touch with them.

Communicator is a strategic email service partner, focused on helping ambitious brands optimise their performance across multiple channels. We pride ourselves on the longevity of our customer relationships and industry-leading partnerships across multiple channels, allowing our customers to out-perform and stay one step ahead of their competition.

Communicator and PA of the Year Awards, 2016

PA of the year awards 20161

Communicator is a strategic email service partner, focused on helping ambitious brands optimise their performance across multiple channels.

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