Bower Talent founder launches Tech Warriors

Written by: Bower Talent
Published on: 5 Mar 2021

Georgina Bale, founder of recruitment specialists Bower Talent, has just launched an innovative tech learning platform designed to bring tech fluency to all.

Tech Warrior

Tech Warriors announces the launch of its tech learning platform dedicated to giving individuals and teams the resources to transform their productivity and utilisation of their tech.

Tech Warriors is ‘the Netflix of SaaS’; a tech learning platform dedicated to supercharging the performance of individual professionals and every team within a business or enterprise through bite-sized tech and software training videos, subscriber-only events and webinars and more.

What is Tech Warriors? from Tech Warriors on Vimeo.

LONDON, England — Tech Warriors has announced the launch of its paid subscription-based tech learning platform designed to bring tech fluency to all, helping individual professionals pick up career-altering tech skills and giving companies the resources to optimize performance across every team within their business. Amidst a boom in tech tools, Tech Warriors offers its users a way to stay on top of tech and lets businesses ensure better utilisation of their existing tech stack investment.

Tech Warriors provides a constantly updating library of tech and software training videos in a bite-sized form proven to result in greater retention of learning and better outcomes.

Tech Warriors offers three different subscription levels: Individual, Business and Business Pro, with an Enterprise version due for release later in 2021. Across each plan, subscribers have access to a variety of exclusive features built to help users refine their tech usage, including:

  • A constantly growing library of short form learning videos covering tools across workflow, communication, automation, productivity, project management, goals & KPIs and more, including software like Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Flodesk and ClickUp. Videos can be searched by keyword and filtered by category and skill level.
  • The Solutions Stack, the Tech Warriors newsletter packed with curated tech industry insight and information. Released in a bite-sized form on a bi-weekly basis and in long form at the end of each month, The Solutions Stack is designed to give Tech Warriors a well-rounded understanding of the current tech landscape, as well as key updates and new feature launches on tech that they use.
  • Subscriber-only events featuring tech-focused industry leaders, further learning opportunities and insights.
  • Our exclusive Slack community, giving subscribers a space to confer and collaborate with their fellow Tech Warriors.

Both Business and Business Pro plans include additional benefits tailored and scaled to the needs of team- or company-wide usage, including:

  • On Demand Content Requests allowing individuals and teams to receive tailored new content to solve their unique problems.
  • Personalised Onboarding allows you and your team to get the best possible start with the platform and create ‘favourite’ videos for your particular tech stack.
  • Twice yearly learning webinars for unlimited attendees supplementing team training and development.
  • Dedicated Tech Warrior Customer Success Manager and 1-2-1 support.
  • Personalised Onboarding for all New Hires. New joiner walkthroughs of the platform and tech stack signposting.
  • Learning Progression Goals & Tracking for individuals to set their own learning goals and gain support to achieve them.
  • Monthly usage reporting for user admins to monitor team engagement and development.

The full benefits and price points of each plan can be viewed here. Tech Warriors offers a free 7 day trial for all plans, which can be accessed through the Tech Warriors site here. There is also a heavy discount code available specifically for those currently job seeking.

Today’s software is packed with bells and whistles that can be wielded specifically to drive efficiency at work, and the Tech Warriors mission is to help users discover and implement these features without spending precious time scouring Google for information or taking up the time of other members of their team.

Tech Warriors’ video content is categorised into three main video themes in order to be searched intuitively: ‘how to,’ ‘tool overview,’ and ‘tool battle,’ and can be sorted by skill level—beginner, intermediate and advanced—or by specific product. Using Tech Warriors, individuals and teams can empower and train themselves, supercharge their efficiency and make businesses grow.

“We are delighted to launch Tech Warriors and are really driven by the feedback we've received so far. We want to enable individuals and teams to feel better connected with technology and unlock the potential in themselves and their businesses. We're excited about the impact Tech Warriors will have on individual development, team efficiency and on the bottom line for businesses, especially when it comes to better adopting the tech they invest so much in. By tracking trends and staying on top of the best new software, we can help our subscribers to stay ahead of their competition.” said Georgina Bale, Founder and Product Lead at Tech Warriors.

It’s common knowledge that all companies are now tech companies—no matter what industry, every business operating today has put time and money into crafting a tech stack with the intention of using it to help their business thrive. According to a report from New York City-based startup Blissfully, the average company spent $343,000 on SaaS in 2018, a 78% increase from the previous year; the average employee uses at least eight apps; and every department uses SaaS. The report also found that app turnover is higher than average employee turnover—the typical mid-sized company changed 39% of their SaaS apps between 2017-18—and that 71% of companies have at least one orphaned SaaS subscription, costing the average business $710 a month, or $8,520 annually (the average spent per subscription) on a product that may not even be being used. Based on these data points, it’s clear that a platform that provides quick, informative and constantly updating content on how to use both the newest and most popular tools and software on the market can contribute massively to gaining sustained employee performance and getting the most out of company spending. 

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