Discover more about your profession with our 2019 Audience Insight Report

In Autumn 2019, 4,000 office support professionals responded to our annual salary survey, providing the details of their daily working lives for our Audience Insight Report.

Responses revealed a diverse range of professionals from Executive Assistants and Private PAs to Receptionists, Office Managers and Secretaries. Furthermore, the SecsintheCity audience is highly experienced, with 78% more than 6 years into their career – 23% of whom have spent more than two decades in the profession.

One of the key stories contained in this year’s report is the continued rise of the multi-boss role: over half of our audience now support 4 people or more, all the while being paid an average of £4,000 less per year than those in single-support roles. For those with multiple managers, extra responsibility does not equate to extra reward.

Positively, 11% of this year’s respondents were male. As the highest number of men yet to participate in the SecsintheCity Audience Insight Report, this indicates a step towards addressing gender imbalance in a professional traditionally dominated by women.

Download your own copy of our Audience Insight Report to find out more about the stories behind the statistics in the office support profession.

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