The Secret PA: And so the search begins...

Published on: 3 Oct 2019

WOW. Have I had a WEEK.

I must say, it started off very productively – after quite a wild one on Saturday night (#singlelife), I dutifully dragged my laptop onto my bed to start the search for that next role.

Having updated my CV, I applied to around 5 jobs on SITC in the end. Three of them were Private PA positions – for a HNWI, and two big-dog CEOs. Both involved global travel, which is really appealing at this stage in my life (refer to last week), and I relish the idea of being the absolute lynch-pin in a person’s personal and professional life.

The other two were EA positions. As I’ve supported up to Assistant Director level, I thought this wasn’t too out of the realm of possibility.


Not only did I get three interviews before Tuesday (THREE. I KNOW.), but, according to my recruiter, they all urgently needed to see me. Now, that wouldn’t normally be an issue. As comes naturally with the job, I have solid time-management skills, and am usually excellent at squeezing everything in.

However, on Tuesday evening, I received a call from my boss’s long-term partner. In itself, not an odd occurrence; if someone doesn’t know where Patty (my boss) is, I’m almost always the first port of call. So, I answered the phone to Shaz (my boss’ partner) as I would any other call. She seemed quiet, was my first thought. We exchanged pleasantries, then Shaz dropped the bomb: she had just broken up with Patty.

Oh gosh, I have a call coming in – that’ll have to be it for today, sorry to leave you on such a cliff hanger! Guess you’ll just have to come back next week…